Tech and advisory for financial institutions

We review your requirements & bring you everything from cutting edge gateway technology to merchant client acquisition with top tier service and speed to market absolutely assured.

Local and Alternative Payments

Instant access to the most popular payment methods

Developed in-house, to the highest global standards, Macropay’s gateway currently integrates 13 local payment schemes and growing, with the largest market penetration within Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Americas.

Legal, Compliance and Fraud Prevention

Guided efforts towards compliance status

As a full level service provider, we offer you knowledgeable, practical, and timely counsel throughout the onboarding process, on an individual basis according to all legal and regulatory obligations.

Our Story

Who is Macropay?

From its humble beginnings, the fintech startup launched in a living room in Transylvania 7 years ago has grown into a successful fintech company.

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