January 6, 2022
Macropay Review: We Make APM's Easy for Merchants

Do you need help with figuring out which alternative payment methods are best for your business? Do you need a partner you can trust? In this Macropay Review, find out how we can give your business access to alternative payment methods safely and securely.

Macropay Can Help Your Business Accept Alternative Payment Methods

As a business owner, you will be looking to expand your consumer payment services. However, when setting up your online payment portal, you may be confused about different alternative payment methods (APMs), and what is best for your company. 

Macropay can help you. We offer advise that is knowledgeable, practical, and timely to offer you the best support. We tailor our assistance to you on an individual basis, and we follow legal regulations to give your business the ability to accept APM’s.

Macropay helps companies of all sizes and industries maximize their digital payments and transform into a growing business.

What are Alternative Payment Methods and What Are the Difficulties?

Alternative payment methods (APM’s) are defined as a way of paying for goods and services other than with the traditional cash or card process. APMs include local payment methods, prepaid cards, mobile payments, e-wallet, bank transfers, and instant financing.

In recent years, APMs have increased in popularity as they give consumers an added way to pay that may be more convenient or faster. 

Alternative or local payment methods that many consumers and merchants are familiar with include:

  • giroPay
  • iDeal
  • eps
  • Bancontact
  • Sofort.
  • Przelewy24

While these are the most known APMs, many other payment options are available. Macropay will help you navigate the best and safest options for your business. 

It can also be challenging to identify which APMs are worthwhile to integrate into your payment system. Choices on payment methods will depend on multiple factors such as the age group and location of your consumers and the type of goods and services you offer. Researching APMs and discussing with the experts at Macropay should be a significant part of your business plan, especially when expanding to new countries and regions.

A Macropay Review: The Simple Solution to Accepting APM’s

Macropay can expertly help you integrate alternative payment methods into your online payment system through a simple onboarding process. On top of this, we also have an ongoing commitment to strengthen fraud detection to ensure that all our clients’ business are safe and secure while accepting payments. 

Armed with years of experience, we understand how to ensure that you have the best security and a stress-free process. We integrate the appropriate parameters and rules to your payment system to make sure that you and your customers transact safely and promptly.

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The success of your online business depends on how you accept payment from your clients. Macropay can help strengthen the way you accept client payments.

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