March 8, 2022
A Review of Macropay's All-In-One Dashboard

With a 32% reduction in the use of cash in the past two years, alternative payment methods are rising faster than ever. From open banking to the API economy, the key word is trust. In this Macropay review of its All-in-One Dashboard, you’ll find out how you can easily gain trust by giving your clients the payments solution they need.

Macropay Review: Global Access to Local Payments

Customers have their favourite payment methods. However, it is not always a matter of choice. Each country has its regulations and alternative payment methods providers need to act accordingly. This also represents a barrier for business owners who want to expand their activities globally. However, do not fret. Macropay has the solution.

Macropay’s All-in-One Dashboard allows business owners to gather global data related to different payment methods, preferences and types of transactions. You will be able to get real-time data for different countries. On top if this, an all-in-one platform will allow you to manage all this information easily. In turn, urging you to act fast while equipped with proper data.

Keep Things Easy

Act and fast, other two fundamental words in today’s economy.

Allowing your customers to easily access your products and services represents a competitive advantage. The speed is often what makes the difference between a sale and a carted item.

Speed and easiness enables a frictionless buying experience. Integrating local and alternative payment methods with your business also shows particular attention to each customer’s needs. In turn, this will enforce the trust between you and your customers.

Macropay’s All-in-One Dashboard provides other two tools to facilitate the integration of different payment methods:

  • A single agreement that covers different payment methods and different regulations;
  • A single API that allows you to integrate Macropay’s services with an easy-to-use interface.

From fraud prevention tools to KYC protocols, we take care of every single aspect that offering alternative payment methods involves. We also enable easier fund transfers through an open banking system. This also allows you to settle all the payments in one currency for your convenience.

On top of this, you won’t get lost in the process. Macropay gives you a manager who will answer your questions and follow the integration. 

How To Integrate Macropay With Your Business

Macropay’s services will help your business to stay ahead of competitors and profit from the countless opportunities of today’s global economy.

To integrate our payment system into your business contact us at [email protected]. You will get full support and all the information you need.

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