February 7, 2022
Macropay's Local Payment Methods

Are you looking to integrate alternative payment methods into your business? Let us review how Macropay can expertly advise on the perfect local payment method for your business and customers.

What Are Alternative Payment Methods?

Alternative payment methods (APM’s) refer to any form of payment outside cash or a major credit/debit card scheme. In the current e-commerce economy, offering more local payment options is crucial. It is also important to review and offer the modes of payment that your customers would like to use to pay for your goods and services.

In this article, we enumerate the local payment methods made available for you and your customers through Macropay.


Przelewy24 is a real-time bank transfer, offline or pre-payment payment method. It is mainly used in Poland and allows customers to directly transfer funds to merchants from their bank accounts.

The accepted currency of this local payment method is PLN.


Multibanco is an interbank network in Portugal with EUR as the accepted currency. Customers can use this payment method to pay merchants directly with funds from a bank account or access ATMs. It is a service supported by all major banks in Portugal.


​​Giropay is a very popular online banking payment system in Germany that accepts EUR. It allows shoppers to pay for goods or services with an online bank transfer.


Bancontact is the most popular card and online payment method in Belgium. Formerly known as Mister Cash, every Belgian bank account holder is eligible for a Bancontact card. Bancontact accepts the EUR currency.


EPS (electronic payment standard) is an Austrian online transfer system. Jointly developed by Austrian banks and the Government, it provides a secure and straightforward online payments process.

EPS allows payments to be settled in the local currency.


Sofort Banking is based in Austria, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. It is a real-time bank transfer payment method used to transfer funds directly to merchants from their bank accounts.

EUR is the main currency of Sofort but CHF is also available for Switzerland.


iDEAL is a payment system that allows customers in the Netherlands to buy products online through direct transfers from a bank account. It was introduced back in 2005 and deals in EUR currency.

In Review: Find Your Perfect Local Payment Method

Macropay offers access to multiple alternative payment methods. Through Macropay‘s payment gateway, you will receive the help you need in terms of payment processing. Reach out to Macropay here to discover the best options for your business.

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