October 14, 2022
Macropay Review: Pay with Sofort

Sofort is a popular payment method in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. It allows consumers to pay with internet banking directly from their bank account. Payment with Sofort is easy and convenient.

The platform, owned by Swedish fintech giant Klarna, has 85 million users with support in 13 European markets. The number of Sofort users and its popularity in some countries is enough for merchants to consider integrating this payment method.

Benefits of Using Sofort

The quality of a payment method can be measured in many ways. They can bring benefits to merchants like easy integration, wider market reach, and popularity. Consumers, on the other hand, can enjoy an easy payment process and assurance of security, among other things. And Sofort ticks all those boxes.

Efficient Payments

One key advantage of this payment option from Klarna is the efficiency of the platform. It offers seamless transactions for consumers and provides value-for-money to merchants.

Furthermore, it directly connects to the banks which cuts the role of several intermediaries in processing payments. It makes the payment process much faster, creating a smooth consumer experience.

The payment platform also boasts low fees: it only charges a fixed €0.10 fee on every transaction with an additional 1% to 2% of the transactional value to merchants. All these make Sofort a value-for-money platform for both the merchants and their customers.

Secure Transactions

Security is another area where this payment method excels. The payment platform takes data security seriously and does not store confidential internet banking login details and confirmation codes of consumers. Further, it does not share confidential banking data with third parties or expose them even to Sofort employees.

Easy Processes

Making payments with Sofort is also very simple. It does not require consumers to have an account on the platform. Instead, they can easily choose their bank and country and login into the internet banking platform.

It also provides real-time payment confirmation, which means funds are transferred from the consumer’s bank to the acquiring bank, which holds the merchant’s account, within seconds, if not instantly.

Sofort Is Good for Merchants

Sofort brings many advantages to merchants when it comes to payments. Some of the benefits of the payment mode discussed above are enough to prompt merchants to offer Sofort.

The integration part is also easy. This payment mode offers modules and easy-to-use manuals, making “the integration of [its] payment products… a walk in the park.”

However, we recommend merchants use a payment gateway like Macropay for alternative payment method integration. It will only ensure a hassle-free integration and cut the cost of bringing an in-house technology expert.

Macropay Helping in Sofort Integration

Macropay can simplify the integration of Sofort or any other alternative payment method on merchant platforms. We offer an end-to-end integration process with our payment gateway and add several other essential features for the merchants.

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