March 16, 2022
Macropay Reviews: Payment Gateways

The checkout process is an important customer touchpoint. As your business progresses, the natural course of action is to improve your services and operations considerably. This includes upgrading the whole payment experience for both your customers and your team. This Macropay review introduces the common challenges every business needs to overcome in order to improve their payment processing system and payment gateway.

Concerns When Accepting Online Payments

Here are just some of the challenges your business may face when transacting with customers online.

Processing International Payments

If you need to move money internationally, there are some costs that come with it. International wire transfers can even have percentage deductions instead of a fixed amount. This means the higher the amount you process, the higher the fees you pay.

Combatting the high cost can be addressed through a proper contact with a trusted partner. By agreeing on a fixed rate that benefits both parties, you can plan your money flow more efficiently. Currency conversions can also be worked into the agreement. This can result to lower overall costs long term.

Payment Gateway Security

Payment gateways provide an easy way to make transactions, but it also leaves both the merchant and customer vulnerable if compromised by scammers and fraudsters!

An establishment’s utmost priority is to allow their clients to pay securely. With online payments, the security concerns are amplified.

Technical prowess is advantageous when it comes to strengthening online payment security.  If your team is not ready to take on the behemoth task of improving your payment gateway, you can always get in touch with FinTech experts.

Armed with extensive technical know-how regarding the payments landscape, the Macropay team might just be the right fit for you. We incorporate cutting edge ID verification and fraud prevention into our payment software. This added security guarantees a pleasant payment experience for the customer and seamless payment processing for the merchant.

Finding the Right Payments Partner

Every establishment have different needs. What works for one company might not work for another. Macropay fully understands this.

Our ability to tailor-fit payment solutions to match our client’s requirement is one of our strongest suits. On top of customising the system, we are also able to customise the dashboard. We help empower payment processing for businesses by providing the right tools to make better decisions.

Through Macropay’s customised dashboard, a merchant is able to access customer payment data on a transaction-to-transaction, country-to-country basis. We are also able to give our partners access to open banking and multiple payment methods which can be accessed under one dashboard.

Upgrade your Payment Gateway

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