February 28, 2022
Macropay Reviews: Easier Client Payments

Many businesses have great products and great marketing strategies to attract customers. But sometimes, after a customer becomes very convinced to purchase a product or a service, some businesses fail to close the sale due to the sheer complexity of making a payment on their website. In this article, Macropay reviews ways to make customer payments more simple.

A famous aphorism by Leonardo Da Vinci states that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” While we don’t really count on Da Vinci for business advice, marketers and businessmen also believe in keeping things simple. Harvard Business Review (HBR) findings suggest that simplicity is one of the key factors that make a customer stick with a brand. An HBR survey involving 7,000 consumers showed that what consumers really want from businesses — simplicity.

Keep The Journey Short

One of the main reasons why online orders and sales are on the rise is speed. People want to skip the physical queues. People want to have their items instantaneously. Consumers want things fast, and this is why services like Amazon and its rivals optimize the design of their websites to make purchasing swift. This means that businesses must shorten the customer’s journey leading to the sale. Purchases can be done in as easy as three steps — click the product, click buy now, and then proceed with the payment.

Don’t Ask For Too Much Info

While this sounds bad for remarketing, it can bring better long-term results. Making your customers feel like their privacy and security are respected is important. In the wake of data mining controversies from big brands like Facebook, consumers are wary of what information they give to brands. This is why businesses have an opportunity to stand out by only requiring the bare minimum to purchase products.

Help Customers Spot Errors Easily

Not knowing what you’re doing wrong can be frustrating. Sometimes, paying online as a client can become difficult. Especially when a payment will not go through even after filling out the payment form. Additionally, some websites don’t have ways to let the customer know what’s wrong with their checkout. This can lead to your customers dropping the idea of completing their purchase altogether. Addressing this error is as simple as highlighting which fields have the wrong data. A notification of what is specifically wrong can also help the customer during checkout.

Add More Payment Options

A recent Visa survey shows that consumers are expecting to go cashless within the next decade. Additionally, almost half of the respondents also expressed that they abandoned purchases where digital payments were not integrated. This means that having more payment options for your business gives you the opportunity to cater to more customers. The best way to integrate more payment options is by integrating Macropay, the payment solution that simplifies all your payment needs, making it easier for your customers to pay you. Contact us to get a quote.

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