October 21, 2022
Macropay's Tech Team Talks Open Banking

Macropay, founded & headed by Adam Clarke, is an emerging fintech within the European open banking space. In this article, our tech team shares their experiences in developing various stages of the Macropay open banking technology.

There are several open banking solutions available in the market now. Here’s what separates Macropay’s solutions from its competition.

Flavia, Macropay’s Project Manager, is involved in the full cycle of the development process. She believes that Macropay’s open banking solution is “offering more diversity to the services offering in this [space].”

Open Banking in Europe

Open banking received a regulatory boost within the European Union. The PSD2 rules mandate all banks to provide an open banking application program interface (API) to third-party payment service providers (PSPs). However, the regulations do not specify any sort of API standardization, and this is where the challenge comes in.

One of the most challenging parts of this project was trying to consolidate with the tech teams involved, obviously the code while integrating with the banks and have a common base code to handle integrations with them,” Flavia said.

Testing, Testing, and Testing

Testing is crucial in the software development lifecycle, and the solutions of Macropay are no exception. Christan, a QA at the tech team of Macropay, believes the most challenging part of the testing process was end-to-end testing.

We were able to internally test the flow until the bank’s page. But for all the other steps, we needed an outside person to complete the test,” said Christan.

We are continuously working on improving the quality of our product based on the feedback we received from our existing and potential customers as well as our own internal testing.

Another important aspect, according to Flavia, is testing the end-to-end payment flow.

She revealed that Macropay deliberately tested its solutions on real-time payment flow rather than the bank’s testing environments to avoid inconsistencies. “So, making a functional payment flow at an early stage of the development was definitely a venture,” Flavia added.

The payment flow on our open banking solution is following all the security and safety requirements regarding user data.

Importance of UI and UX

UI and UX design are crucial part of any application, including open banking. It drives the interest of users. However, there are a lot of complexities in this area too.

I feel like the hardest part when developing UI and UX is finding using a proper design for both mobile and desktop versions,” said Alex, a web developer who designed the UI and UX of Macropay’s open banking technology.

Some people just use their mobile app when they’re on the go, and then when they’re at home, they use the desktop version. So, you want the designs to be as similar as possible.

He further highlighted Macropay’s focus on changing its UI and UX to fit dynamic standards and technologies of its users.

Macropay for Open Banking

Macropay offers an easy-to-comprehend open banking flow for accessing some complex API portals. Some of the features of our open banking solutions are:

  • Access to multiple markets with one API
  • Strong cybersecurity
  • Reliable financial transaction
  • Focus on the payment experience
  • Better conversion rates

Reach us at [email protected] to know more about our open banking solutions.

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