January 25, 2022
The Client is King: A Macropay Review on APMs

These days, alternative payment methods (APM’s) range from simple payment by gift cards to online currencies native to a particular country. This provides your customer with multiple payment options, aside from the traditional card payment. In this Macropay review, let us look into how APM’s provide clients with added convenience. Offering checkout through APM’s can also give businesses an edge over the competition.

Multiple Payment Methods Are Essential

When setting up your online business, it is crucial to consider how customers will be paying. When considering your options, taking into account your customers’ needs is vital. Alternative payment methods provide increased access and convenience.

The days of cash only payments are long gone, and thanks to new technology, there are now various payment methods available. 

The use of different online payment methods varies from business to business. Figuring out which payment methods suit the nature of your business and appeals to your customer base is essential for achieving profit and success. Businesses that offer multiple online payment methods enhances customer-facing interaction and give their business an edge above competition.

Types of Alternative Payment Methods

There are numerous alternative payment methods available to add to your online business.

Local Payment Methods

Local payment methods are payment methods popular in specific regions. For example, giroPay is a local payment method in Germany, while iDeal is a local payment method in the Netherlands.

As a business, offering local payment methods strengthen client confidence in specific regions which in turn, allows you to scale and gain steady footing in your target markets.

Prepaid Card Payments

Prepaid card payments such as those made with gift cards are also extremely popular. Furthermore, they usually come in different stored values and are processed similarly to debit cards where there is a virtual currency limit.

Prepaid cards, or gift cards, are also brilliant for your business to sell as the balance can only be spent in your store.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers are not as popular as they once were but are a safe and reasonable option for those who do not have access to card payments.


E-wallets are an up-and-coming trend that offers a new shopping experience. They require sign-up from both merchant and vendor but can give your online business an edge over the competition. E-wallets are connected to a customer’s bank account, where they can withdraw or deposit funds automatically.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are becoming more popular in recent times. It is an easy way for your customers to pay as all they need to do is download an application and link the account to a credit or debit card.


Though not widely popular yet, cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming an acceptable form of online payment and are becoming a favorite choice among younger generations.

Macropay Review in Conclusion

When adding online payment methods to your business, there are many options to consider. Macropay provides businesses the ability to offer secure access to alternative payment methods and open banking.

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