MLRO - Money Laundering Reporting Officer
Posted 27.11.2023

Start your tech career with Macropay! We are looking for a Money Laundering Reporting Officer or MLRO based in Malta.

About the Role

The MLRO or Money Laundering Reporting Officer is the focal point for all activity within the company related to the prevention of money laundering and reports to the company board with quality oversight from the Chief Compliance Officer.

The MLRO is responsible for reporting to Senior Management and for governance on money laundering matters, ensuring that adequate controls are in place to ensure compliance with the company’s obligations under anti-money laundering laws and regulations.

Additionally, this position would be liaising with the regulatory authorities, financial market supervisors, law enforcement, banking / payment partners, the financial crime unit, and monitoring day to day operations of money laundering policies.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Preparation and submission of suspicious activity reports to appropriate authorities.
  • Development and maintenance of Money Laundering / Terrorism Financing business and wide risk assessment.
  • Ensuring policies and procedures are implemented effectively and up to date with the Money Laundering / Terrorism Financing risks identified.
  • Overseeing the implementation of policies and procedures related to risk assessment, customer due diligence, internal reporting, record keeping, and compliance monitoring.
  • Responsibility for monitoring whether the measures, policies, controls, and procedures implemented by the company comply with Anti-Money Laundering / Counter-Terrorism Financing obligations.
  • Identify areas of concerns in the Anti-Money Laundering / Counter-Terrorism Financing risk framework and submit recommendations to senior management for corrective action.
  • Advising the senior management on measures to be taken to ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, and standards and assessing the possible impact of any changes in the legal or regulatory environment.
  • Reporting annually or as requested on the relevant activities of the compliance function.
  • Development, improvement, and implementation of a transaction monitoring systems.
  • Implementation of the Sanctions Policy
  • Build and maintain relationships with third parties, which include local financial and compliance auditors, banking partners, service providers, external consultants, and legal firms on behalf of the Employer.
  • Taking reasonable steps to establish and maintain adequate arrangements for awareness and training of money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism regulations
  • Compile reports for the board and internal risk committees
  • Address issues relating to transaction monitoring, filtering, and sanctions
  • Act as a subject matter expert for the business and point of reference to address related queries


  • Ability to write well and adapt policy and processes to meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • Previous experience within Financial Crimes, preferably in an MLRO capacity.
  • Proven and demonstrated understanding of AML and KYC process requirements and structure of trading counterparts
  • Comprehensive knowledge of EU Money Laundering Regulations, EMEA regulations, and relevant industry standards.
  • Detailed understanding of the effect of Financial Regulations on the firm’s AML/KYC/Sanctions requirements.

About Macropay

We are a FinTech company that offers a platform for payment services of online and cross-border payments with easily accessible and secure payment methods.

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Duration: Ongoing
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