July 18, 2022
Secure Ways to Send Funds Online

Gone are the days of lining up at banks just to transfer money. Now, the best way to send funds online or transfer online funds is through simple apps or platforms that make the once tedious task hassle-free. With all the innovations in financial technology, mobile money transfers have become increasingly common for digital natives and migrants alike. However, one caveat to all this technology is the proliferation of scams. Due to the advancement of payment technology, it has become crucial to find safe options to send funds online. With that, we’ve gathered the fastest ways to send money, with maximum safety guaranteed.

Bank transfers

The go-to method of sending funds online is through your trusted bank’s mobile app or online platform. Whether you’re a customer of a traditional brick-and-mortar bank or a newly launched neobank, you should be able to utilize bank-to-bank transfer features.

Mobile Wallets

In the world of online banking, mobile wallets are the way to go. In an effort to protect bank accounts that hold large sums of money, many tech-savvy users opt for mobile wallets with access to only a limited amount of funds. This protects your hard-earned savings, and limits expenses for instant fund transfers and miscellaneous payments. For fast transactions and small purchases, using a mobile wallet is an efficient method of sending funds online.

Alternative Payment Methods

The convenience of alternative payment methods, or APMs, is a major reason behind its popularity with shoppers. With each payment method granting the ability to purchase something in an easy, fast, and safe manner – it is clear to see why APMs have such a loyal user base.

APMs provide users flexibility when making purchases, as well as delivers on its key promise of safety and data exclusivity. Without inputting card details, payments through APM affords the customer more privacy.

Some of the widely used APMs are iDeal, Sofort, GiroPay, Multibanco, and many more!

Cryptocurrency Platforms

Cryptocurrencies, or crypto, can be sent in lieu of cash using wallets or an online trading platform. Crypto apps tend to have a wallet feature, similar to mobile wallets. The difference is that they hold tokens like BitCoin, Ethereum, and many more. Crypto wallets can be accessed with just a password, which should be cause for concern. However, even if thieves manage to steal crypto, cashing it out is notoriously difficult especially if it amounts to a large sum of money.

Further, blockchain technology is always evolving to keep hackers at bay. If you’re planning to send an amount that might be too large for a typical mobile wallet transfer, sending them in crypto is a viable option.

Online Funds Transfer & Payments via Macropay

For a fast and secure way for customers to pay online through fund transfers, Macropay offers a suite of services that include fraud prevention and integrated IBAN banking for cross-country transactions. Macropay’s payment gateway technology can provide quality financial services to merchants from any industry.

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