March 29, 2022
A Brief Review of Sofort for Businesses

With over 85 million users, it’s not a mystery that Sofort is one of the most popular payment methods around. Acquired by Klarna, Sofort became part of an innovative payment method system that prides itself on being the smooth experience – and that’s true. This brief review will dive deep into this alternative payment method (APM) that is widely used in Germany.

The Benefits of Integrating Sofort by Klarna

The most relevant feature of Sofort is that it is easy to use not only for the customers, but also for merchants.

This alternative payment method allows people to buy online using their bank accounts without having to share their full details. The protection of data and the heightened privacy that Sofort grants its users contribute greatly to increasing cybersecurity.

On the other end, merchants won’t know the details of their customers’ accounts. Allowing a unique guarantee that no payment details are stored by merchants. It is in the best interest of businesses to curb security and privacy concerns through its business process. In this case, using Sofort is curbing security threats through the payment system itself.

The Smooth Experience

The first part of “the smooth experience” is that customers pay using Sofort directly from their accounts. The customer’s familiarity with how to use it creates more trust in the transaction process that is then associated with the merchant.

However, the smooth experience does not stop there! For the merchant, a client payment made through Sofort is a guaranteed sale. Reversing payments is not permissible when done through this local payment method. Security measures are also set in place if the client pays using a card with insufficient balance.

Integrate APMs into Your Business via Macropay

Sofort is just one of the many local payment methods you can integrate through the Macropay gateway. Our system is designed to help merchants and businesses gain access to multiple alternative payment methods, all under one trusty dashboard.

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